I am running Wacom intuos software 6.3.16-12 on OS X El Capitan. Occasionally, when I click on an App in the OS X dock it will open the finder window and highlight that app, instead of opening the app. It is also happening in various Apps. When I select a Safari bookmark, it will open all Bookmarks in that folder. It's like holding down the command-option key, although I don’t press any keys on my keyboard.

Here’s what I tried:

  • I have changed the Wacom pen nib
  • In Wacom Preferences I have disabled additional pen shortcuts e.g. right click…
  • In Wacom preferences I’ve changed the Tip feel to »firm«
  • I’ve reinstalled the Wacom Driver 2 times.
  • Repaired OS X system permissions
  • It also happening on another Mac running OS X Yosemite

It’s driving me crazy. What else can I do?


Solution: I have completely uninstalled Wacom's tablet software 6.3.16-12 and switched back to 6.3.15-3. Also, be sure to remove all preferences files including the following leftovers:


I have spent hours on debugging. This issue is definitely related to the Wacom Tablet Software update 6.3.16-12. Morever it’s related to random system crashes and endless error messages in the OS X systemlog.

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