Recently I purchased a USB Wi-Fi adapter that's capable of connecting to 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, for use with my old notebook which only has a 2.4GHz adapter built-in. I intend to share the connected 5GHz network with other 2.4GHz devices around me, so naturally I thought of using the USB one (adapter name "Wi-Fi 2") to receive and the built-in one (adapter name "Wi-Fi") as hotspot.

Unfortunately info is scarce on how Windows handles multiple adapters of the same type. I've searched and read through SuperUser and other sites, and the closest-related question is this one: LINK: SuperUser. It indicates I have to disable/unplug the USB adapter while setting up hostednetwork for the built-in one, which I did.

I followed what it said up to the last step, where it lists a new "Local Area Connection" adapter, and the designated SSID shows. However, when I go to Properties-Sharing and set "Home networking connection" to "Wi-Fi 2", "Wi-Fi 2" stops working. It says "no internet" in the system tray, refuses to connect to any valid Wi-Fi access point I want it to, and from the adapter settings, it seems to be connected to the hotspot shared by "Wi-Fi", forming a self-loop.

LINK: image

I'm out of ideas at this point. Is there a setting I've missed or executed the wrong way?

P.S. I originally intended to post more pics illustrating the situation, but I'm new to SU and has no rep for that. Sorry for making it harder to read.


For me, the latest Windows 10 Version with the Settings->Network & Internet -> "Mobile hotspot" option seems to work better than any command line or dialogues.

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