I have a desktop pc with windows 10 installed. I'm using sleep mode to power the pc down and have all programs active again after I power it up again. This works great, but if I shutdown the power to the pc, the pc will load from scratch, with all programs closed (and not just wakeup again). I have read about hibernation mode etc. but this option isn't really available.

I would really like to turn off the power during the night, so is there any way I can activate hibernation mode?


hibernation mode etc. but this option isn't really available

Have you looked into output of powercfg -a? With S3 available you can put your PC to sleep (suspend to RAM). With S4 you can hibernate your PC (suspend to disk; longer load time, but you can pull the power cable).

If S4 is available on your PC, you can switch on hibernate mode with powercfg -h on. This creates the hidden/system file hiberfil.sys and you're able to hibernate your PC.

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