This is my problem:

Firefox sync is totaly unusable, mostly because of this: Bug 787500 and because it often syncs some bookmarks wrong. (I have noticed it restoring and dublicating the deleted ones constantly)

The only solution I've found is to make a Symbolic links of my firefox profiles to dropbox both on my PC and laptop, but there are some cons here as well:

  1. Persistent browser writing into cache makes dropbox to sync all the time
  2. I have to close firefox on my laptop, wait for sync to finish, and wait to sync again before launching firefox on my pc

Finally, the questions:

  1. Do you think this non-stop syncing is okay for dropbox?
  2. Can anyone suggest a better solution?



It is okay for Dropbox.

You can try using Selective Sync and syncing the Cache folder.

Alternative is to use Firefox Portable. Still, I would exclude syncing the Cache folder.

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