I had windows 10 earlier.Today i installed windows 8.1 by erasing windows 10.But now i find in the device manager that the network adapter for wireless network and ethernet adapter are missing. Hence i am not able to use wifi.

Why did it happen and how to resolve this problem ? I was able to use wifi earlier while using windows 10.

  • You need to install the wifi driver, evidently W8 did not have the proper driver for it during installation, Do a Windows update and see if it offers a wifi driver.
    – Moab
    Aug 3, 2016 at 16:57

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search for your network drivers on another computer with internet access, put it on a usb and copy it over to your computer and install.


Do a right-click on the Windows-Button and select Device Manager. Under Device Management you should see your Wifi-Device with a yellow exclamation mark. Do a right-click > Properties > Details and select Hardware IDs.

Post the Hardware ID here and people will be able to tell you what Driver you need.

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