I have recently upgraded my Windows 10 machine to the latest build 1607, and notice the following behaviour: when I click on a link in my Email program (Outlook 2010), it opens the links in different browsers depending on wether you click a http Link (opens in Firefox), or a https Link (opens in Chrome).

My default app configured as "Webbrowser" is Firefox. How and where can I chose which browser to use for different link types? I cannot find any setting anywhere in Windows 10 to influence that behaviour.

  • Can you make Firefox open HTTPS links via Settings -> System -> Default apps -> either "Choose default apps by protocol" or "Set defaults by app -> select firefox -> Choose defaults for this program"? – JC2k8 Aug 4 '16 at 5:59

I finally figured out that Microsoft did not make all settings accessible in the new settings dialog, however, they have a chaotic system of "old settings" and "new settings" mixed up, some redundant, some only in the old, some only in the new dialog. I wonder how they convinced their quality guys to publish a state like that at all.

Nvertheless, there still is the old system-settings-dialog, and under Programs -> Default Programs -> Set Default app, you can easily set default apps by extension type, or protocol type, not only for the webbrowser, but also for like example your image viewer, so that you can set a different viewer for png and jpg files for example.

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