I'm using Self Control to block distractions, and I'm trying to run it daily using the OSX launchd utility with the Launch Control GUI. This calls a script that figures out the amount of time to block then starts Self Control for that amount of time:

#start Self Control block from Terminal
#see https://github.com/SelfControlApp/selfcontrol/wiki/Running-SelfControl-from-the-Terminal    

#calculate block length in minutes
minutes_to_block=`python timetoblock.py`
#timetoblock prints "-1" if the time is between 5 and 10 pm
if [[ $minutes_to_block -le 0 ]]; then echo "done"; exit 0; fi    

#tell Self Control what the block length is (by modifying its defaults)
defaults write org.eyebeam.SelfControl BlockDuration $minutes_to_block    

#start block
sudo /Applications/SelfControl.app/Contents/MacOS/org.eyebeam.SelfControl $(id -u $(whoami)) --install

Here's the screen I see when I try to load/start the daemon in Launch Control.

When I hover over "Error 78" on that screen it talks about exit codes, so I figure it has to do with the "exit 0" in my script. However, I'm kind of a bash noob, so I don't know how else I could stop the script. Is there another way, or is the issue with how launchd interprets things?


The problem is that your script is not executable. I've just released a new version of LaunchControl which provides a better problem description and a QuickFix button to solve the issue.


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