So, I've been using rufus for a long time and never have I ever experienced something like this. Today, I was creating bootable usb with rufus and all of a sudden everything stopped and I got an error which I don't remember what excatly it said. Now, my usb is not detected by windows. If I try to start windows with my usb plugged into my pc - it won't boot, pc will freeze on bios thingy until I unplugg usb from pc and when I plug it back in when windows loads, it will read usb for a few seconds and then it will disappear again (and even if I try to click on it while is still visable, everything will just freeze). I can only see my usb in disk managmanet, but sadly there's no options available there - everything is grayed out. Another weird thing is when I unplugged wifi usb adapter from my pc and then tried to put it back in when the usb was still plugged into my pc, wifi usb adapter didn't work until I unplugged usb from pc. The saddest thing about this, it's not even my usb. So please, any help would be really appreciated.

  • when windows detects your USB, check whether rufus can read it.If it can burn again. Or using poweriso you can clean the USB if there's anything wrong with sector data. – NishanthSpShetty Aug 6 '16 at 20:08
  • use diskpart to clean the USB thumb drive: superuser.com/a/1091111/174557 – magicandre1981 Aug 7 '16 at 6:42

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