I want to have the benefits of bash history command lookup, but working on multiple hosts I ssh to. However, I don't have a home directory on most of the remotes due to security policy, so there is no ~/.bash_history there. export HISTFILE=/tmp/blah does not work for current session. Even if I had a file there, it should be sync'ed across multiple remotes through some local file.

A solution should probably look like this:

Through .ssh/config or alias or somehow, execute something around every ssh command, e.g.

scp .remote-history user@remote:/tmp/history
ssh user@remote
scp user@remote:/tmp/history .remote-history.add
cat .remote-history.add >> .remote-history

unless there is an existing tool that does something similar.


This script (remote_run) should do what you want. it could be made much prettier, but...


Run it like:

remote_run remote_hostname

When you exit, it will overwrite (so don't have two concurrent remote_runs to th same host or the last one win for whose history is saved) your local file ~/.bash_history-remote_hostname

# version 0.0.1

read -d '' RUN << EOF
export HISTTIMEFORMAT='%F %T - '
bash -i;
awk '{print \"HIST \"\$0}' \$HISTFILE;
ssh $1 "cat > $LOCALHISTFILE" < ~/.bash_history-$1
ssh -t $1 "$RUN" | tee /tmp/$USER-remote-history
grep '^HIST ' /tmp/$USER-remote-history | sed -e 's/^HIST //' -e 's/^M//' > ~/.bash_history-$1

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