I've submitted my web page to Google using the webmaster tools and after a few weeks I've correctly seen it in search results. Now the question: my page uses language detection via Apache wizardry so that the page is served in the relevant language based on the browser settings (via AddLanguage and LanguagePriority for those who want to know...) and it can be retrieved by simply using host/folder/page while the actual page sits at host/folder/page.<lang>.html and I obviously want to index the simpler URL instead of the actual html one because that way it's "independent" of language.

How do I submit the same URL to different Google countries or is the "generic" (English) crawler smart enough to index it by automatically using multiple language settings when retrieving the page?

You can test the page at:
by replacing .en with .fr and by optionally removing .html and the language extension too
(as in http://www.nicealias.com/articles/focus_on_renewables)

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