I faced this problem at this morning, while I was trying to start developing (working), but vagrant up did not agree with me.

The virtual machine (I use Scotch-box -box) simply did not start. Also the Virtual Box -application did not start at all. Not even for a blink or to show a error message.

How to fix this?!

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Background: Windows 10 is now 1 year old and released so called anniversary update last week. Among many updates, it also broke up things like forced cs:go fps to 30(?) and ofc - virtual box and vagrant too.

I've read that someone had these problems too, but fixed it by disabling Hyper-V. This however was not my case, since I didn't have the thing even enabled.


  1. Update vagrant if you don't have the latest version installed.
  2. Update Oracle Virtual Box
  3. Restart your machine
  4. Vagrant up
  5. Boom - done.

Why: For some reason, the previous Virtual Box version vas not compatible with the new Windows 10 update. Even with different compatibility modes. It didn't even show errors when I tried to launch it. I first tried to only update it without updating Vagrant, but then when I tried to run vagrant up again, it forced me to downgrade the Virtual Box, so I was back to square one, eh?

Luckily this time the process to get things back on, was relatively simply.

Hope someone finds this helpfull!

  • Thanks, I too had to uninstall virtualbox and then install the latest version of Vagrant. Sep 19, 2016 at 3:11

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