Excel won't open my file when I double-click on it. Excel opens,but just a blank grey screen and no error.

All tip's for internet don't work. I don't have idea how to fix this problem... :( I want open .xls in office 2010, .xlsx work fine but .xls no only gray screen. I use temporary fix, open this files in OpenOffice and convert to .xlsx but it is irritating.

I think it is important information: I using windows 10


This issue has more to do with Excel 2010 than anything else. It started in July after a big security update thru Windows Update. Here is an article to back that up - Excel refusing to open files? Blame the KB 3115322, 3115262 security updates.

I started having the issue you described when downloading reports via the Internet. After many frustrating hours, I was able to get Excel to open them with a bit of a work around.

WARNING: Only do this if you trust the origin of the files.

  1. Open the Trust Center.
  2. Go to Protected View.
  3. Deselect the box for Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet.

enter image description here

When you open one of these files you will get a warning message.

enter image description here

If you click Yes, it will open the file. You can then save the file in the proper format for future work.

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