I'm trying to run a running total where if the conditions are met with "Won" or "Placed" it will automatically run the sum.

However part of this formula is not working the way I would like as it's displaying FALSE in the column when "Won" is the selection.

When "Placed" is selected is runs the sum fine.

Original formula:


Formula with Placed added:


Sorry if I haven't explained this well as I'm not very good with excel! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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The contents of the OR must be within the formula, not separated, and you need to specify something for the else case: =IF(OR(I3="Won",I3="Placed"),(F3*(H3-1))*0.95, <else>)

Your version is basically saying =IF(OR(I3="Won"), then show OR(I3="Placed") ( which is true or false) and else (F3*(H3-1))*0.95

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