As of today I use one terminal by server :

  • ipython server
  • Spark server
  • Hadoop server
  • etc... I end up with seven terminal consoles to manage all these services, which is not that clean. I thought to redirect the output or to daemonize these servers with :
  • redirection : server > path_to_log 2>&1
  • daemonize : server &

but all these services are excepted to be kill via a ctrl-c input. And some are also asking for some questions in the middle. If I do these two options, I will loose these capabilities to [1] kill the process (except to send an kill message?) [2] answer questions asked sometimes (mainly at service closure : "do you want to save work")

How should I do to limit the number of terminal I have to open ?

Thanks, romain.


Take a look at screen or tmux.

  • This is more a hint of a direction to investigate than an actionable solution. It might be more appropriate as a comment (from review). Can you expand on this a little? – fixer1234 Aug 14 '16 at 23:37

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