I'm trying to recursively include some folders in my zip, using a terminal command, for example, let's say that I have this:


I want my zip file to include folder1 content and its subdirectories contents, and the files in the root directory (file1 and file2)

Currently I have this command:

 zip -r myzip.zip ./ -i folder1/* -i ./*

But the resulting zip doesn't includes folder2

How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.



zip -r myzip.zip . -i folder1/\* *

Notes on OP:

  • The * after folder1/ must be escaped.

  • The final * is substituted by the shell with the files in the root folder (.) nonrecursively, meaning not including folder3. The syntax -i ./\* would pick up these files recursively, including folder3.

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