I'm trying to get Geektool to display a txt file, but the Geeklet stays blank.

It displays just fine when I enter:

date +%d

But when I enter the following it does not display:

cat ~/Desktop/todo.txt

I've copy pasted the text into terminal and it returns the text just fine.

I'm using v3.0.1 and OSX 10.6.8

  • I created a file with some text and tried, works fine. I'm running Geektool 3.3.1 on OSX 10.11.6. Is there any reason you're running ancient software? :) You could try using the File/Log Geeklet instead. – madeddie Aug 9 '16 at 13:21
  • I can't upgrade beyond Snow Leopard, and the newest Geektool doesn't work, that's why :) How would one use the File or Log Geeklet to display the text of a txt file? – Roel Aug 9 '16 at 13:56

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