Chrome is being very annoying, and I need some help fixing the issue.

My company is using Chrome in a Windows Terminal Services environment. In Chrome, opening a pinned website (on any of our terminal servers) often (though not always -- it's intermittent) results in the browser locking up and Chrome throwing a "The pages have become unresponsive. Wait or Kill" message.

Here is a video of the issue occurring:

We can reproduce the issue on many different websites, so I don't think that the website itself is the issue.

This issue only occurs when opening pinned websites. (To open a pinned website, you right-click on the Chrome icon and choose the website that you want to open). If you manually type in a URL, Chrome works fine. (It's somewhat of a long story, but our users rely heavily on pinned websites to do their work.)

We're using Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m (64-bit). We've tried uninstalling/re-installing Chrome, and also tried deleting a user's C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome folder. The issue still remains.

Any ideas?

It looks like we found the culprit: IBM's Trusteer Rapport.

Apparently Rapport and Chrome don't get along, and Rapport can cause Chrome to behave strangely:!topic/chrome/_f-kfcUQgkk

(Search the thread above for the word "Rapport").

After completely uninstalling Rapport, we can no longer reproduce the issue.

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