Mathematical expressions in some webpages (e.g. wikipedia) are not displayed properly if I use Microsoft Edge. We can visit the following link, for example.


Compare the following picture (Microsoft Edge)

enter image description here

with (Google Chrome) enter image description here

In Edge, we see that equations are truncated. I have no problem if I use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. On the other hand, math in Stackexchange is displayed properly in Edge. Is this a problem of the browser or the webpage? Are there any solutions?

  • what is the problem in the attached picture? what is the address of the site? – Máté Juhász Aug 10 '16 at 7:45
  • @Máté Juhász, I edited the question. – Hwang Aug 10 '16 at 7:53

Edge is a new browser and has new software written into it. New technology always has bugs. What you are witnessing is the interpretation of images and margins and maybe even "padding" -- these are style techniques for writing web pages. It's imperfect and there are techniques for each web browser; that's what web programmers are faced with. Wait a while before new techniques come available for the webmasters to figure out. It's not one-code-fits all sadly. It's what really get me frustrated when I wrote some of my first web pages that looked great on one browser and terrible on another. Growing pains of technology it is truly a nightmare for developers.

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