Considering purchasing an HTC Vive - trying to justify the price tag.

I have seen there are a few virtual desktop applications out there that can simulate 'big-screen' desktop experiences.

Are any of these experiences suitable for a few hours of emailing, word processing and/or programming? Is the resolution of this device sufficient to provide a comfortable (eg. non-eye-straining) experience whilst carrying out this kind of work? Or would it only be suitable for gaming and watching movies?


Without any answer from this community, I'll share what I've found elsewhere.

I posted the same question to Amazon users and received the following answer:

Can this be used for text-based productivity (emails, word processing, programming etc.)? Or is the resolution insufficient for this?

Personally I think the resolution is too limited. You need to be so close to read small text that you can't really see much at once. You can do it however using an application called Virtual Desktop. I'm a programmer myself and it wasn't really suitable for me; it's much easier to work with my monitors. By Liam Foot on 13 August 2016

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