When I installed Win10, I brought over a PowerShell profile that I'd maintained since the days of PowerShell beta that still had some old modules in it that no longer work. Nothing particularly terrible happens except that Get-Help doesn't like me much: many topics end up giving me weird errors, just like this presumably fixed-in-Insider UserVoice. I renamed the Modules subfolder with the problematic modules to something else, restarted PS, and tried updating help again with -Force, but while I didn't get any errors, I still can't get Get-Help about_* to show me any of the standard topics. I can see PSCX help (which is a functional module as far as I can tell, and was installed via Chocolatey after the migration anyway), but nothing else.

How do I get PowerShell help to include the standard meta topics? Is there a particular module I should specify for Update-Help to work on? Save-Help somehow, maybe?


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