When browsing normally I use Firefox with Vimperator installed, which gives you vim-like key bindings so you can browse without the mouse.

However, every now and again I have to browse from the commandline (often through SSH), and I've been using lynx for this, but it feels horribly inefficient after Vimperator - which would be perfect for doing this. Is there a CLI browser (text only, obviously), that works like Vimperator does?

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You can continue to use lynx for this. To change the key bindings, open up lynx, hit 'o' for options, and change the option VI keys[sic](under the third section) to ON.

[kevin@home-box ~]$ lynx --version
Lynx Version 2.8.5rel.1 (04 Feb 2004)
libwww-FM 2.14, SSL-MM 1.4.1, OpenSSL 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5
Built on linux-gnu Oct 27 2008 15:54:32
[copyright info snipped]
[kevin@home-box ~]$

Alternatively, you can start lynx with vikeys argument:

lynx -vikeys

To start lynx with vi key binding turned on.


I don't know lynx, but I use elinks which I believe is a side-branch from the same original tree. It's very featureful and can be configured to work much like vimperator. The command-line browser that seemed to have the most vim-like bindings of those I encountered is w3m. It can do some things elinks can't (like display graphics in-page, with elinks you need to press a key to show them in an external viewer). But after trying w3m for a short while I went back to elinks---it was better-featured in respects that I cared about day-to-day. I don't want to sell either of them to you, just present some options.

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    elinks originated from links which was a better lynx . (lynx originated in '92, and, to my knowledge, still doesn't render tables or frames.) afaik links was a ground-up rewrite, not a lynx fork, but i don't know for sure. Feb 20, 2010 at 23:54

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