Today I tried to login to my desktop happily running Windows 10. I was unable to log in to the computer, because while my mouse worked perfectly, my keyboard wouldn't enter a single key. Instead, I kept hearing a click sound from the speakers every time I pressed a key. I am using a wireless keyboard and mouse from Logitech, and I tried plugging in a wired USB keyboard, to the same effect: only clicks from the keyboard.

Thus, I am unable to enter either my password or PIN code to log into the machine. This is a big problem, because the last time I heard that clicky keyboard sound, it was when I accidently turned on a Windows accessibility feature called Sticky Keys by pressing the shift key too long. That had exactly the same outcome: keyboard wouldn't work, any keypress would result in merely a click sound. I found a workaround -- using my mouse, I opened the control panel, entered Windows accessibility for the keyboard, and turned off sticky keys.

But that was only possibly when I was logged into the machine and it wasn't locked. Now I am locked out and I can't perform this hack.

Any ideas to solve this aggravating catch-22?


This may work for you, as it always seemed to work in Windows 7. With volume turned up as to hear the sound, simple press CTRL and Left Shift at exactly the same time.

You should hear a sound that is a lower pitch than the other sounds. It may take a couple try's.

Hope this helps!

  • I already did another solution: reboot and use the mouse to do my accessibility hack. This sounds like it could work, too. – chicagonyc Aug 16 '16 at 18:53

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