I have made a live boot USB using the UnetBootIn tool for Ubuntu 9.10. I have Windows XP SP2 installed as the primary OS, and want to make a partition for Ubuntu. However when I try to boot it via USB, it just goes to the boot menu of Ubuntu, then I enter the default type for installation. After that nothing happens, just the Ubuntu logo shows up and just that nothing happens after that.

I can try the simpler task also i.e. install via CD but I want to know what's not working with this USB boot method.

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Here is a quick tuto for Ubuntu USB installation. Pretty sure you can find something to help you to dual boot your system.


Also, take a quick read at this site to guide you correctly thru your installation.




It's also worth taking a look at wubi - this lets you install Ubuntu from within XP without creating a partition or changing XP's boot process.

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