When connected to my home network (Uk Sky, with Sky router) I have consistent unreliable connection on my 2015 Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch.

The problems include extended periods resolving host... while loading webpages, failed dns lookups on every site and intermittent no network connection messages on both safari and google chrome. The problem usually corrects itself at random after around a short period of time refreshing and joining and rejoining the network or by d.

My DNS server is set to Google's dns at and I have flushed my dns caches on browsers and on my machine.

I have removed all saved networks on my machine and rejoined the problem local network.

As far as I am aware no other devices connected to my home wifi have any similar issues. I have also never had any similar issues with this machine on any other network.

The problems are not browser specific.

I have difficulty finding relevant help online as most problems with similar symptoms have browser specific fixes.

I have also accessed my router settings at and cannot find anything untoward or immediately obvious to fix.

Note that my macbook was purchased in the USA and I reside in the UK.

I am now at an absolute loss as to what to try next or how to diagnose the issue so any suggestion would be appreciated.

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