I have below A B C devices in a work LAN, but no permission of the office switch.

enter image description here

in the office LAN:
A.a router (I want to expand a physical net port and it's what I happen to have at hand)
B.friend's computer (which provides some file and web services inside the office)

in my router's LAN:
C.my laptop
and maybe more mobile devices later

Is there a way for laptop C to access computer B ?
Computer B to laptop C is otherwise not important.

Similar questions must be asked somewhere but I'm poor at summerizing keywords... Any link or ref would be appreciated.


You need to tell the both router how the subnets are connected:

  • the router should send data for 192.168.2.x over the router
  • the router should send data for 192.168.1.x over, it should do this without special configuration if the subnet mask is set correctly.
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  • Thanks @user3767013 for your clarification. Silly me not even gave 1.101 a ping ..._(:3」∠)_ ....The router and the 1.101 computer are under the same subnet so 2.x devices could connect to 1.101 with no effort (though not inversely). Thanks again. – ywy Aug 19 '16 at 9:44

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