I have a Dell XPS 13 with Windows 10 that I recently updated to 1607. One of the major roles for this machine is to use Remote Desktop to access individual servers in my data center. Previous to the upgrade, I had added PreferExternalManifest a key in HKLM/Software/CurrentVersion/SideBySide, set to 1, and then had an external manifest for the mstsc.exe. Without this, when I used RDP to access servers, the resolution was so high as to make reading the remote session very hard. Everything is tiny. With the external manifest, I can see the remote sessions.

After the update, the key was gone. I went to HKLM/Software/CurrentVersion/SideBySide and added the key, again. The external manifest for MSTSC was still there. After a reboot, I found that the MSTSC.exe would not start. The desktop icon didn't work. Running the command from a prompt didn't work. No error reported. I remove the key and reboot, and RDP works again, but I can't read the remote session.

I see that I can use the system menu and zoom the remote session, if I give up full screen. I like full screen. Do I have a choice of giving up full screen or a life of squinting? Is there a way that I can have a full-screen RDP with a remote session resolution that I can see without squinting?


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