How can I create a new remote repository from the PowerShell cmd line?

I can make a local repository from PS and I can make a remote repository from the desktop app or the web page, so how can I make a remote repository to my github account from the Powershell? I can push and pull to repositories I've made from github using git commands in the PowerShell, but I can't create a new one, why?

I've searched here, SO, the github manual, elsewhere online and I am simply at a loss. So far I am following along with this tutorial. (Of note per @Rose Perrone's answer here, this is useful if you accidentally choose to create your new repository with a readme or .gitignore file git push -f origin master)


I am on an old 2009 win7 lappy w/version 2 of PShell (no curl cmd) and from this SO article, it looks like the answer is: it's not an option

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