So I bought a HP Spectre (HP Spectre 13-v002no (ENERGY STAR)) yesterday and as I was about to start writing some HTML markup, I realized the left and right tag key was not available between the left shift and z-key. Instead it was located on the right side of the alt gr-key. However, it only seems to function as a right ctrl-key, even though the physical key displays left and right tag, backslash and pipe. I used SharpKeys and the left tag is assigned to 00_33 but I'm not sure what that means or how to use that information. I've tried all the normal combinations, like shift+key, alt+key, altgr+key, fn+key and so on, but no luck. Here's a photo of the key in question

So my question is simply, how do I access these symbols? Thankful for any tips!


This issue is fixed by updating the BIOS (F26)

  • Welcome to Super User. Can you provide more information, such as a quote from the BIOS update's release notes? – I say Reinstate Monica Sep 7 '16 at 3:07

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