I've got an old laptop (Thinkpad T60, 32 bit, 7 years old) running Linux Mint, on which I'd like to install Windows as well. However, I can't get it to boot from the flash drive containing the Windows installation image:

  • After writing the Windows installation image to the flash drive (dd if=win.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=1M), it is being displayed as a UDF device. GParted is not able to read any information ("Warning: unrecognised disk label"), but contents can be accessed after mounting. When restarting the computer with the flash drive connected, it is not being recognized as bootable device at all.
  • When writing another image to the same flash drive using the same method, booting from it works fine.
  • After formatting the flash drive as a single FAT32 partition and copying the Windows image's file contents to it, the device seems to be booted from, but complains about not being bootable ("Please insert a bootable floppy disk"). Doesn't look like GRUB, might be BIOS or Windows.

How could I receive a flash drive with the Windows image written to it, from which my (maybe old?) BIOS is able to boot?


The problem lies in the MBR, which is missing from the DVD ISO image. Following the instructions given in this answer on ServerFault, I was able to create a bootable flash drive.

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