One of my Exchange users (Office 365 Exchange in a hybrid configuration with our on-prem Exchange 2013) is seeing his name replaced by another user's name in his quoted emails. For example:

From: John Doe <john.doe at mycompany.com>
To: Dave Jones <dave.jones at mycompany.com>
Subject: Crazy email issue

This is my response where I (and others) see my name replaced below.

John Doe

---------- Quoted email:

From: Dave Jones <dave.jones at mycompany.com>
To: Mike Smith <john.doe at mycompany.com>  <--- HERE - notice the name
Subject: Crazy email issue

This is the email sent to John Doe, NOT to Mike Smith.


Microsoft said it might be related to the users address cache so we cleared that and it didn't solve it. He has no contacts with the wrong name or anything and that name/address combo don't appear in his auto-complete list. But reliably, every email that he responds too, it replaces his name with the other user's name and retains his email address.

Any ideas what could cause that?

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