On my second hard drive there's this folder:


It contains two sub folders - "amd64" and "i386".

After re-installing Windows XP I can no longer access these folders. I just get "Access denied". These are the only two folders on the disk that I can't access.

How can I regain control of these two folders?

I'm logged in with Administrator rights.

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Have you tried taking ownership of the folders? These are normally remnants of a Windows Update or Windows Installer program.

There is a detailed guide on how to do this available here.

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  • That page talks about the "Security" tab on the properties dialog with an "Advanced" button. I've only got a "Sharing" tab with no "Advanced" button. Which is because I've got "Simple File Sharing" enabled. Disabling it gives me the "Security" tab – ChrisF Feb 21 '10 at 19:29

You can give CACLS a go:

cacls "D:\73dca78350f1e7f756d03ee8" /E /T /C /G "Administrator":F

replace Administrator with the user you wish to delegate control to.

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