If yes,how can I do ? It will be really helpful if someone answers.

I use rufus for creating a bootable usb. i am stuck in the grub rescue mode with no way other than installing again but since I cannot enter into Bios, I am planning to boot from the grub rescue windows using the ls function

Grub rescue does not detect the normal Windows Partition so I am planning to make a ext4 bootable kali linux usb so that I can reinstall it.


I think, your question is unclear. I suppose this:

  1. You want to preserve the main part of your USB as FAT32 storage 14GB
  2. You want LiveUSB part in Ext4 2GB

Then the layout of your USB follow:

sdb1 14GB FAT32 storage and EFI folder
sdb2 2GB Ext4 LiveUSB

  1. You have to create the FAT32 part fist to be seen under Windows, as without many tweak, Windows only mount the 1st partition of your USB
  2. This FAT32 partition also hold EFI folder to boot your LiveUSB part
  3. If you want the LiveUSB partition sdb2 on Ext4. By default, the built-in bootx64.efi of the LiveUSB will not boot an Ext4 partition. So I have made a tweaked bootx64.efi. You just copy the file to sdb1/EFI/boot/. And it will boot your Ext4 LiveUSB part.

All of my detail here https://github.com/sonvirgo/Ext4-LiveUSB


If you want to install a Linux OS on a USB to boot from, you should just be able to do it the normal way (i.e., the use of an ext filesystem should not require doing things in a different way than you would for a different filesystem). Also, this question has been answered before: Ext2 or Ext4 for bootable USB Flash-drive with Linux?

If I understand correctly, you want to make a bootable USB with Kali on it. And from within there, you want to clean install on you main drives. If you need some specific instructions, this tutorial should help: http://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/install-kali-live-usb-drive-with-persistence-optional-0162253/ . It shows how to make a bootable Kali USB, and from within there you can install Kali on a partition in ext4 format. The tutorial is supplementary information. It is detailed and quite long, with extensive pictures, so it would not be practical to replicate it here.

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    How is the normal way a useful answer? Aug 25 '16 at 16:57
  • I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood your question, so you want to make a bootable usb with Kali on, am I correct? And from within there you want to clean install on you main drives right? If so, this tutorial should help: null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/… This tutorial makes a bootable Kali usb, and from within there you can install Kali on a partition in ext4 format. Aug 25 '16 at 17:19
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