i use ncrack for windows Ncrack syntax,how to run multiple IP's and add threads and waiting time?

I use this ordinary syntax with no threads and no waiting time and ncrack rate up to 40

ncrack -vv -d7 -U users.txt -P pass1.txt -iL ips.txt -p rdp

Now i try to use few threads and time using this syntax, i add 5 threads and 700 ms,ncrack rate 40,the same that means no effect So my question is:how to add multiple IPs, 5 threads and 700 ms waiting time

ncrack -v -d7 -U users.txt -P pass1.txt -iL ips.txt CL=5,cd=700ms -p rdp

I also tried this and i received :CL=5,cd=700 ms not suported so ignoring...

ncrack -vv -d7 -U users.txt -P pass1.txt -iL ips.txt -p rdp,CL=5,cd=700ms

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