I know that somewhere in my mailbox there is an email with an attachment of which I remember (part of) the name. Is it possible to locate this email automatically?


You can do this with the add-on:

Expression Search / GMailUI


Search with the format:

  • Since there is an add-on for this, I guess there's no native way :( This works perfectly! – Jasper Aug 30 '16 at 11:31
  • This doesn't work for me. It returns three emails, none of which have any attachments – endolith Oct 31 at 15:22
  • Ok so 1. This extension only adds to the Quick Search, not the main search. 2. "Note 2: If you want search all folders using expression, you can create a virtual folder manually (Ctrl+Shift+F) with 'Match all messages', then using expression search in the virtual folder." 3. Different versions are compatible with different versions of Thunderbird github.com/wangvisual/expression-search/tree/master/beta github.com/wangvisual/expression-search/tree/master/releases – endolith Oct 31 at 16:25

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