I am preparing a sizable document in Microsoft Word 2013, and I want to use the MS Word functionality for references. Imagine I have a book that the bibliography, Chicago Style, looks like this:

Fletch, Fletch F. 1985. *Important Quotes.* Los Angeles: Fake Publisher.

I want to do a footnote citation automatically with MS word. It should look like this one that I entered manually:

enter image description here

However, when I click "Insert Footnote" then "Insert Citation", it just sticks an inline-citation in the footnote. Very ugly, and it does not conform to the Chicago Manual of Style:

enter image description here

Is it possible to change the format of the "Insert Citation" function in MS Word to use Footnote citation style instead of inline citation style?

A similar question from a few months ago gone unanswered, and there are several places on the internet where the people sort of ignore that actual question and just say "Push the Insert Citation Button!"

What is a work around?


As of right now, it isn't possible with a native word function.

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