I have a windows machine having IP,lets call it X. I can connect to a linux machine over SSH,having IP,lets say Y. Y uses a HTTP proxy to to connect to internet,i.e. on Y,you open browser,provide credentials and you are on internet.

Now i want to access internet from X through Y(via SSH).

X(> proxy-->>Internet.

This is what i have tried so far: 1.Installed putty for windows.Under the connections settings in SSH,added a dynamic port 4567 as source ,and added as destination.Opened the connection,logged into my windows firefox,added as SOCKS 5 proxy (remote dns enabled). But still no internet!!

2.Tried installing Bitvise SSH for windows.Added a rule in C2S settings for localhost:4567 to nothing.Tried changing it to localhost:4567 to,can access the apache server page on

3.Installed MiniGW on windows and typed:

ssh -N -L 8080: [email protected]

The terminal asks for password,after providing which it freezes.

Can someone guide me how can I access internet on my PC?

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Your first method was close try, this:

  1. Open Putty
  2. Host Name=
  3. Port= 22
  4. Go to Connection then SSH then Tunnels
  5. Source port= 4567
  6. Destination=
  7. Tick Local
  8. Click Add
  9. Go back to Session
  10. Then click Open
  11. Open Firefox
  12. Open Options
  13. Go to Advanced then Network then Settings
  14. Tick Manual proxy configuration
  15. HTTP Proxy=
  16. Port= 4567
  17. Tick Use this proxy server for all protocols
  18. Click OK


What I have done is made ssh listen to port 4567 on X, then sends any data to by going through Y. This is what local does; but dynamic makes ssh act like a proxy, so it will have to handle connections to determine destination.

  • Thanks a lot lot lot!!!! You literally made it man!! I was so close.......and i was trying to solve this through weeks.Again thanks a lot,you made my day(and my 4 years of hostel life too...:)) Aug 31, 2016 at 13:27

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