I need to run this command on Mac OS X El Capitan. I found it on this guide about Eclipse Che. However, when I try to do that, socat keeps waiting for input from stdin.

$ socat -d TCP-LISTEN:2376,range=,reuseaddr,fork UNIX:/var/run/docker.sock
I'm writing here, and I don't know why socat let me do this


I need to press Ctrl + C to return to the prompt. What am I doing wrong?


The author probably never tried it. The manual says this about the fork option:

After establishing a connection, handles its channel in a child process and keeps the parent process attempting to produce more connections, either by listening or by connecting in a loop (example).

That means socat will not fork before starting the main listen loop.

The -d option just increases verbosity (as in debug).

tl;dr: socat can’t do that.

The source tree contains this helper script to launch socat in the background. You can adapt it to your purposes. I did not write this script!

#! /bin/sh
# source: daemon.sh
# Copyright Gerhard Rieger 2001
# Published under the GNU General Public License V.2, see file COPYING

# This script assumes that you create group daemon1 and user daemon1 before.
# they need only the right to exist (no login etc.)

# Note: this pid file mechanism is not robust!

# You will adapt these variables
OPTS="-d -d -lm"    # notice to stderr, then to syslog

if [ "$1" = "start" -o -z "$1" ]; then

    $SOCAT $OPTS tcp-l:$INPORT,bind=$INIF,$INOPTS tcp:$TARGET:$DSTPORT,bind=$OUTIF,$OUTOPTS </dev/null &
    echo $! >$PIDFILE

elif [ "$1" = "stop" ]; then

    /bin/kill $(/bin/cat $PIDFILE)

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