I just installed the Typescript plugin. (I tried installing through PackageControl and manually). In Solarized light, the strings (in 'single' or "double" quotes) are the same formatting as default text. They are distinct in Solarized dark, with a different color.

How can I fix this? I assume I should make a change somewhere in the Typescript plugin, but I'm wary because it doesn't seem like strings should be highlighted in dark but not in light.

Just as a sidenote, another difference I see is that comments are formatted differently from normal text in Solarized light, but the same as strings in Solarized dark. I find this confusing, too, but since they are different in light, which is what I'd like to use, it is not a problem.

I'm using Ubuntu and Sublime Text 3.

  • I installed the ArcticTypescript Package; better highlighting and autocompletion. Still interested in how I would edit syntax highlighting issues listed above. – jmilloy Aug 31 '16 at 20:31
  • 1
    See this answer of mine on Stack Overflow detailing how to edit components of packages and plugins (the question regards a theme, not a color scheme, but the answer is pretty generic). Color schemes are in the .tmTheme XML format. A quick Google search will give lots of resources on how to customize them. The unofficial docs also have a good reference. – MattDMo Aug 31 '16 at 22:10

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