I mostly write technical documentation. The documents need a lot of cross references. The format of my cross references are always the same:

<heading-number> <space> <heading-text>.

Adding these using the cross reference dialog is a pain. Find the heading, select paragraph-number from the drop down, insert, select paragraph-text from the drop down, insert, go back to the doc, insert the space (and, normally, change the inserted heading-text to Italic).

Is there any more convenient way of doing this? I did look at existing questions about cross-references (and there's a bunch of those) but none seemed to cover this issue.


I have written a macro to comfortably insert cross references, avoiding all the hassle of the cross reference dialog that you have described.
It can insert either <heading-number> or <heading-text>, but would be easily adaptable to insert the desired combination of both.

  • Thanks. I will make use of this - but unfortunately, not at work where they have disabled use of macros... – The Archetypal Paul Jun 30 at 9:22
  • I've just checked-in a new version of the macro. It is now configurable to support things like your <heading-number> <space> <heading-text>. – Traveler Jul 9 at 22:21

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