I got PC with MSI n1996 motherboard and a SATA HDD. My HDD broke down so I had to change it. I changed it with a PATA HDD. After I installed it to pc, wanted to start it. It didn't boot the win10 that was installed to it. In the motherboard's bios I can see the HDD.

I removed the HDD and installed a win8 in another machine to it. After I put the HDD back to the pc it still wanted to boot win10.

Do you have any ideas what could cause this?


If EFI = EFI Boot error, Set first boot to efi[Disk] instead of [Windows Boot Manager]

  • Go into bios
  • Find "Boot" device settings. (bioses are different)
  • Basicaly locate things that are Boot from Disk order
  • Set device First to PATA... (insert disk here)
  • If EFI: Then it should have a word-list like "Windows Boot Manager" or whatnot...

The reason why it still looks for win 10 is because EFI stuff is saved... somewhere else.

  • Details...

Functionally speaking, theres 2 ways to boot windows.

  • bios
  • efi

Bios is "The Computer finds hardware, sets them up, and then boots.

EFI is... "Windows/whatever boots up a bit, then drivers set things up."

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    Hey, what does this exactly means? – Poko Sep 3 '16 at 22:06
  • Added some details - Im not the best at directions. – TardisGuy Sep 3 '16 at 22:12

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