I am getting the following warning/error when running some octave files. I have installed octave using homebrew following the guide here. Seems like I have to remove the line from the config, but couldn't find where it is stored.

Fontconfig warning: line 146: blank doesn't take any effect anymore. please remove it from your fonts.conf

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The warning happens because when you upgraded fontconfig, it did not overwrite the old fonts.conf file.

In my case, the full path was /usr/local/etc/fonts/fonts.conf

To solve the issue remove (or rename) the old fonts.conf file and reinstall fontconfig.

mv /usr/local/etc/fonts/fonts.conf /usr/local/etc/fonts/fonts.conf.bak
brew reinstall fontconfig

The file will be regenerated automatically for the new version.


If fontconfig has been installed via homebrew, the file is located here: /usr/local/etc/fonts/fonts.conf

See brew info fontconfig to test if the package has been installed.

  • In the warning I see, the path is provided which is the same as in this answer. Removing the blank start and end tags solved this issue. Mar 18, 2018 at 16:49

Should be here:


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