Alright, so I ran into a problem, I have two Nvidia Cards one of them which is integrated.

I have configured Xorg on the Nvidia property drivers and used nvidia-xconfig and nvidia-settings to configure my triple monitor setup, I have three separate X screens running on each monitor with Xinerama enabled with my i3 setup.

When I did finally get it to run it works for the most part but gtk programs either do not show up when I drag them onto my other screens or they just crash completely, which is a pain when I do decide to use any graphical programs on my main monitor.

Second part of my problem is when I enable compiz all programs seem to be very laggy when opening and moving across the screens.

My question is how I would be able to use Compiz with Xinerama to work well across all my monitors and why programs like spoitfy and steam done display when I move them off of my integrated graphics card.

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