I have a problem with my Dropbox account. I have about a thousand photographs/videos on my Dropbox account (online), and I have my account linked to my PC. However, it only downloads half of the photographs online. To answer some questions:

  • Yes, I have enough space on my PC;
  • No, I don't have selective syncing on;
  • Yes, I have reinstalled Dropbox several times.

I have also tried to share the folder (camera uploads) with a family member to see if they can access all the photographs/videos on their PC, but when they download it, it only downloads the same 500 pictures as on my PC. Dropbox has a download option, which I have tried, but it downloads a file with the name 'unspecified' which can't be opened. Furthermore, I can download the photographs individually from the website, but that would take a very long time. Does anyone know what's wrong? I've tried this on Windows 10 and Windows 7.

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  • As this is a question about the file synchronization feature of Dropbox, rather than the web interface, this is a more appropriate questions for Super User. I've voted to migrate, but as there's no answers here it will save you some time to simply delete this and re-ask there. – ale Sep 5 '16 at 13:36
  • The question Can't download folder from Dropbox relates to your "downloads a file with the name 'unspecified'" problem. However, I didn't think this same restriction applied to the Dropbox app installed on the PC? Also, if you are over your storage quota it will fail to sync: dropbox.com/en/help/5 – MrWhite Sep 5 '16 at 16:43
  • What is the size of the folder you're trying to download and how many files are inside? – Sun Sep 19 '16 at 17:17

Have you worked throught https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/8840 this help page? Specifically I'm wondering about step 2:

Verify that your files are not synced.

Files with a red X are not synced; files with a circular blue arrow are in the process of syncing, and files with a green check mark should be fully synced Note: The icons that can appear on individual files in your Dropbox are different than the icons that tell you about the current state of Dropbox itself. Learn more about the different icons that can appear on your files.

Navigate to the dropbox folder using windows explorer and look at the icons on the missing files if any.


It's not possible to use dropbox.com to download an entire folder that's over 1 GB or that has over 10,000 files.


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