I was trying to create a folder from a Rainmeter skin which didn't work and didn't even yield an error message. Therefore I pasted the command (mkdir C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Foo) used in Rainmeter into the Execute window (Win+R) and got the error message mentioned in the title. However, when I run it directly from cmd it works fine. If it is the case and mkdir cannot be used from outside the command line, I'd appreciate an approach on how to solve this another way.


Since mkdir is an internal command for CMD and not an executable found in PATH, it is only available from CMD. However, you can start a new cmd process and pass the command in as an argument. In the run box you would need to type:

cmd.exe /c mkdir C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Foo


Or, in response to CConard96, you can make a .cmd file in a text editor, then save and run this code.

@mkdir C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Foo
  • But that isn't really practical, is it? – Scott Dec 24 '18 at 5:42

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