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  • How to do a split
    • Edit -> Clip-Boundaries -> Split
    • depending on whether it's a point vs. selection
    • CTRL-I
  • Point vs. Selection
    • Point
    • A point will only be to where the cursor is placed and there isn't more than 1-cursor
    • Selection
    • To your current selection both the beginning-point & ending-point will be marked as splitted


  • I want to be able to do the same split formatting to multiple tracks that are the same.
    • This is an extremely tedious process if the split-amount is like about 500-sectors.


enter image description here


  • Having the ability to duplicate split-points from one layer to another
  • will be more helpful with a keybind keyboard shortcut hotkey.

A selection in one track may be extended to cover all tracks with the shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+K

It's also in the Edit menu: Edit > Select > In all tracks

The split command (Ctrl+I) will then be applied to all tracks.

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