I have installed grep.pl in my irssi, and try running /grep foo /list, however I just get the entire output of the /list command. Grep does work fine with other commands, for example /grep foo /window list works exactly as expected.

Is there any way to search through /list?

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  1. Do /list, and then /lastlog foo. You can clear the output from the /lastlog command by doing /lastlog -clear

  2. Check if your network has a facility to search for channels (for example, on Freenode, try /msg alis help. Maybe try /whois alis to see if your network has such a service)

  • Tbh I've since moved on and stopped trying to use irssi myself, but thanks anyway for the response. Hopefully it can help others in the future :)
    – Matt
    Apr 22, 2020 at 13:19

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