After the "anniversary update" Windows 10 allows the user to run a Ubuntu based BASH shell from within Windows 10.

I have installed emacs on the BASH shell using the apt-get install. When I open emacs the font size is too small. I have been using emacs for quite sometime now and I know that using the C-x C-+ will increase the font size (scale the font) in the GUI mode in Emacs.

However, I could not make that command to work in the present case.

I have tried the following already:

  1. C-x C-+
  2. M-x text-scale-increase
  3. M-x text-scale-decrease or M-x text-scale-adjust

Nothing has worked so far.
So my question is, how can I increase (or scale) the font size to a higher or lower size than the default one?

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