I tried Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. All are failing to download a 22 MB file;


It can download up to 19.7 MB and then it stops and says:

failed-network error

I disabled the firewall, but to no avail. I reinstalled Chrome , deleted temporary files, but again to no avail.

I tried downloading through the Chrome download manager plugin, but still I got the same error.

I do not have any antivirus either.

I observed I can download a 25 MB video from YouTube using KeepVid successfully.

But for this particular it is failing. What is the reason and what should I do?


You can try fetching it with Invoke-WebRequest (shorthanded to wget from powershell:

wget [url] -outfile [fname]

If you omit the -outfile parameter, it saves as a file object on the pipeline, and you can analyse it to your heart's content.

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