I’m using Windows 10 and the http://neo-layout.org/ keyboard layout which offers navigational and other keys with the AltGr modifier. So AltGr+Cis Delete in my layout.

Now I often want to use Ctrl+Deletewhen programming to delete the next word (or until the next capital letter) to the right and to achieve that I don’t directly press the Deletebutton but the one with AltGr+C. So the whole hotkey combination is Ctrl+AltGr+C which brings the same dialog as Ctrl+Alt+Delete with the option to lock and open the Task Manager etc. I didn’t know before that Ctrl+AltGr+Delete also works.

I don’t want to disable Ctrl+Alt+Delete interrupt (which I’ve found many answers for) but only the one with AltGr. Does anyone have an idea how to realize this?

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