So I installed new linux distro recently (pinguyOS) and now I am trying to install flash plugin for Opera browser: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer.

The output of dpkg --status flashplugin-installer is:

The Adobe Flash Player plugin will work with a range of web-browsers including, limited to:
* Firefox
* Chromium
* SeaMonkey
* Iceweasel
* Iceape
* Galeon
* Epiphany
* Konqueror

Since Opera isn't listed I followed official instructions for installing Opera Adobe Flash Plugin:


I copied libflashplayer.so from its original directory to /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/opera/lib. Flash player is still unable to load and when I check browser for installed plugins opera://plugins it says Flash Player is enabled but there is this weird version of the plugin:


I use Opera v 39.0 and the official opera documentation is outdated (v11.0) but I even tried to install PPAPI version of flash plugin and replace libflashplayer.so with libpepflashplayer.so but plugin is still not working. It shows still the same error: Flash plugin failed to load.

Can you help me find out where the problem is please?

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I was having the same problem, until I found the doc on their official page. Basically you have to do the following:

  • locate libflashplayer.so, or
  • find / -name libflashplayer.so 2> /dev/null

If Adobe Flash Player is not installed, or you wish to upgrade, proceed as follows:

  • Download the plug-in from Adobe's website. The plug-in is available in various formats, including .deb, .rpm, and .tar.
  • Follow the instructions on the download page.

    • If you choose the .tar file, you need to unpack it tar xvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz
    • copy libflashplayer.so to /usr/lib/opera/plugins
    • A user without root access can copy the the plug-in to $HOME/.local/lib/opera/plugins.
  • Restart Opera.

  • Verify that the plug-in is working by going to Adobe's test page.

I can fix it first step for step and try if your browser show the video multimedia:

1º update or install chronium ffmpeg codec

sudo apt install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra

2º if the bug persist:

try it: sudo apt install adobe-flashplugin

3º try installing this global codec for linux

here install ffmpeg version 4.x for linux


remember, every step when you change in your system try to play

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